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Providing life changing alkaline antioxidant water, health supplements, and personal care products since 2017

Why Choose Us?

At Water Tree Orange, we provide health seekers with the best, life giving alkaline antioxidant water, the way nature intended. Optimal and preventive health excites us, so we promise to always have your back when it comes to providing the best wellness supplements, snacks, and non-toxic personal care products! We believe our purpose is to help improve the health of everyone we encounter, and to be kind always!

I want to thank this company for truly caring about our quality of water. They have educated me and been more than happy to answer all of my questions. I would gladly encourage anyone to install the filtration system, buy water in the jugs, or just reach out to the Water Tree to get more information about the water they are drinking.

Tanya Richard Myers

About Us

Anna Smith

Store Owner

We are excited to bring alkaline antioxidant water to the city of Orange and the surrounding areas.

Our passion is for healthier living one step at a time. Our health journey has been an interesting one, and we realize everyone has different motivations for embarking on their own healthier lifestyle journeys. What better way to begin than with the quality of water you drink!


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**hydrogen limited to 1 free gallon.

Water Tree Orange

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